Stifling Room

Growing up, my permanent address changed only once—when I was six years old. My parents still live in that same ordinary apartment to this day. However, my temporary address has changed over eight times. When I was a child, I was given the opportunity to study in a foreign environment; I took that chance and ever since then, I have adopted a nomadic lifestyle. I have been away from my childhood home for seven years to live here in the United States.

As an adolescent, language barriers and cultural differences separated me from my peers. Despite the constant conversations each day, I was blocked from truly understanding these interactions and connecting with people on a deeper level. I felt the most isolated in public spaces where my classmates would socialize easily and abundantly. After a few years, I simply adjusted to this solitary lifestyle that nobody else could understand. Learning to suppress my feelings and desires consumed my daily routine.

This work depicts my experience during the loneliest time in my life. Just as I felt isolated, I want the viewer to understand what it is like to feel alone even when you are surrounded by people.