The Common White Wave

Driven by trying something new, I decided to work physically and digitally through collage to create distorted self portraits. The collages themselves can either stand alone or work together as a series. However, with the use of silver glitter, I hope to add a slight connection between each photo and add fluidity for the viewer.

I want to show how I’ve changed as a person growing up by working with a combination of photos from the past and present. The title, The Common White Wave, is inspired by the white moth which is frequently referred to as a Common White Wave because of the ridges on the wings. Throughout the series every other photo will somehow incorporate a white moth. The white moth symbolizes the constant that has stuck around ever since I can remember.  It was the very first death I recall in my life and has held a great significance for me since. No matter what, every time I’m home I can always expect a visit from a white moth. I wanted to use this project to show the self changes I went through growing up with the appearance of a white moth every now and to slightly reflect my life as a whole.