Yonsei is an artist's book containing pictures from my very first trip to Japan in June, made with my sister Cheryl and our eighty-five year old mother. While there, we met relatives and visited places that our ancestors left when emigrating to Hawaii and Washington state. The book was completed during an artist residency at the Center for Photography at Woodstock. My thanks to the fine folks there for their guidance and support.

Description: 7x7", 48-page softcover book, printed by Edition One Books in Berkley, CA. I've added a printed, hand-cut vellum jacket. The book orients in reverse, with pages sequenced backwards, in reference to traditional Japanese books.
Book Images: 35 black and white photographs, all made with my iPhone in June, 2015.
Limited Edition Print (Sold Out): The first 50 copies of Yonsei (from the first edition of 100 books) included a 5x5" archival inkjet print.